What kind of tickets are available? Currently, tickets are available at Print@Home Tickets and Tickets, to be picked up at the event location. Back to overview
Why can't I choose specific types of tickets? The reason why, for example, no tickets are offered for collection is that the organizer has disabled that option. Back to overview
When ordering tickets, the cart icon shows a ""!"" appears in the cart icon, and you cannot continue. Temporarily, these tickets are not available, however, they will continue to appear in the store, since the final availability check cannot be performed until the tickets are placed in the cart. In the worst case, all the tickets for the event are sold out; however, there may still be tickets in other customers' baskets, which can be released again, because no payment has been made or the organizer has increased the available quota. So, in certain circumstances, it might be worth taking a look again. Back to overview
Why do the tickets that have to be collected have an additional cost? On this lump sum we deduct the additional costs. You can pick up the tickets, comfortably, at the place of the event, presenting the identity card and, if it is the case, the credit card with which you paid the tickets. Back to overview
Why do I have to give my address and ID when I receive the tickets by email? Of course, in the course of buying tickets, there may be some ambiguities that make it necessary to communicate, for example, if, for some reason, communication by email is not possible. Back to overview
I don't want to have a customer account. However, why do I need to create one anyway? The ability to access your own order data has great advantages. Among other things, you can see the status of your order, but there is also the possibility to print out Print@Home tickets, which were originally sent by e-mail, and can now be checked online and printed out. In addition, personal data can be saved for future orders. Back to overview
How can I cancel my order and/or have the right to withdraw from the purchase? Back to overview


What are the shipping methods and costs? Shipping by email is free.
For a pick up at the place, there is a charge of $ 5,000.
If we have to change the order by email to be picked up at the place of the event, there will be no cost for it. Back to overview
When will my tickets be sent? Since all the offered payment methods are processed automatically, the shipment or the payment confirmation usually takes place immediately after the payment. Back to overview
My tickets did not arrive by email. If the payment was made a few days ago, most likely the tickets have ended up in the spam / unwanted filter. In that case, check with major email providers, such as Googlemail.com, the spam filter directly from the provider. Alternatively, tickets are also available online in ""My Orders"" after logging into TixforGigs.la. Back to overview


What types of payment do you offer? Back to overview
Why don't you show me certain types of payment? Back to overview
My credit card payment didn't work, can I pay another way? Payment is possible on your account at tixforgigs.la Under ""Orders"" you will find, within the 10 day payment period, the button ""pay now"". Another alternative is simply to order again. After the 10 day payment period has expired, previous unpaid orders will automatically be cancelled. Back to overview


How is my ticket checked at the entrance of the event? Therefore, it doesn't make sense to print the same ticket twice. Back to overview
I forgot my ticket at home, is there still a chance to enter the event?
If you live near the event site, we recommend you to look for your ticket, you also have the option to show your ticket on your mobile. If this is not possible, the entrance to the event will depend on the organizer. If you have bought a Print@Home ticket and have the opportunity to have the code number sent to you, there is a theoretical possibility to cancel it via the keypad, which, however, the event organizer is not obliged to do. Eventually, you can perhaps log in to TixforGigs.la at an internet café and print out your ticket again.

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I lost my ticket. Can I get a replacement? Tickets are usually treated as cash, so protect them against loss. In some exceptional cases, it is possible to block a lost ticket and issue a new one. However, if this is possible, due to various factors, such service will be charged again. Back to overview