TFG LATINOAMERICA S.A.S. is a company that was constituted according to the laws of the Republic of Colombia with the purpose of operating online ticketing.

The company TFG LATINOAMERICA S.A.S.. was born from the union of FLUFFY CLOUDS GMBH & CO. KG and STROM GROUP S.A.S. The company FLUFFY CLOUDS GMBH & CO. KG was founded in Germany in 1996 as a communication agency. In 2003, the German company developed a ticketing solution for the "SonneMondSterne Festival". This gave the start for the project and the new company which was founded under the name TixforGigs in 2005.

TixforGigs is now considered a full service ticketing company. In addition to the ticket pre-sales solution, the company offers management and consultancy solutions for customers and sees itself as a reliable partner for organisers of all sizes.

In Germany, TixforGigs is among the top 4 ticket vendors. Through internationally oriented festivals, such as the "Melt Festival" (, customers from all over the world are served. In addition, one of the oldest customers is the "Splash! Festival" (, the biggest hip hop festival in Germany, with about 35,000 visitors per edition. TixforGigs also serves numerous concerts and clubs in Germany.

STROM GROUP S.A.S., is a company dedicated to providing entertainment services that is duly registered with this same Ministry as an event producer in the PULEP system and that to date has more than 9 events among which are different editions of: BAUM PARK, FESTIVAL TATACOA, AXIS FESTIVAL and COSMOS.

Also, although it does not appear in the records of PULEP, STROM GROUP S.A.S. is one of the responsible for the organization of the event BAUM FESTIVAL, which is the biggest electronic music event in Colombia.